Opening sell off and 2pm hypothesis made double rebounds of S&P 500

Today is a nightmare for me because opening and ending are so bad. A morning sell off, which means more than 1.5% falling of S&P or NASDAQ, often makes a 10am rebound. I bought

  • some Qualcomm and Shopify stocks and
  • a small amount of Meta, Square, NVIDIA stocks

around the bottom. There has been few two-rebound days recently so I was supposed to sell some of them around 3:50. But recent 2pm theory dumped it. That is a market trend that changes and makes a peak after 2pm. S&P crashed at 2:44 today.

This is insane.


  • Hi, you trade stocks and chat on this website everyday? Why don't use Twitter?

  • Meta is so cheap. Why do you buy Meta? (edited)

  • Because Rollpie (this website) is my project. Thank you for signing up and commenting.

    I like Meta too. I think Meta's VR/AR projects will change the 3D market and dominate it in the long term!

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