TeXShop - LaTeX free editor for Mac

TeXShop is a well known free TeX/LaTeX editor for Mac. You can edit a tex file and output as PDF. To download and install MacTex is the simplest way to begin it.

Visit MacTex and click "MacTeX Download".

Click "MacTeX.pkg". This file is so huge and downloading it completely may take about one hour.

Installing MacTeX is very easy

Launch TeXShop and edit a tex file

Launch "Launchpad" and click TeXShop icon, then the simple editor will show up.

Let's write down the below text.

y = f(x)

Next, press [Command] + [S] to save the document. Encoding is UTF-8 and File Format is TeX File.

Export a PDF file

If you push "Typeset" button in the nav bar, pdfTeX will automatically run, compile your tex file, and output a PDF in the same folder as the tex file.


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