Useful websites list for investing or trading (not financial advice)

Bloomberg is not only a good source for investors. The websites listed below are (partially) free and useful.

Strike market is an integrated financial tool like TradingView providing the S&P 500 screener and funds trades history.

Hedge Follow shows the recent deals and portfolios of famous investors such as Warren Buffett.

If you want to tell the short interest of stocks Ark Invest bought, Fintel is a good source.

Trading Economics is particularly useful for checking bond markets and the history of United States Treasury yields. is a famous financial website and very good source for checking recent or future events like Initial Jobless Claims. This timetable gives each event the importance score by star and covers world wide.

For checking Reddit or WallStreetBets

SwaggyStocks, collecting and analyzing the Reddit comments, can be your tool to get the recent WallStreetBets trend or Yolo.


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