Python join - list to string with space or comma

Python string has join() method that concatenates all the elements of a Python list.

x = ['Python', 'Java', 'C']

y1 = '-'.join(x)
y2 = '*'.join(x)
y3 = ' '.join(x)

print(y1)  # Python-Java-C
print(y2)  # Python*Java*C
print(y3)  # Python Java C

We can set a trailing comma in a list and it doesn't change the result of joining.

x1 = ['Mac', 'Book', 'Pro', ]
x2 = ['Mac', 'Book', 'Pro', '']

y1 = ','.join(x1)
y2 = ','.join(x2)

print(y1)  # Mac,Book,Pro
print(y2)  # Mac,Book,Pro,

The d ends withs a comma because the last element of b is an empty string.

Join a Python tuple or set

x1 = ('A', 'B', 'C')
x2 = {'A', 'B', 'C'}

y1 = '-'.join(x1)
y2 = '-'.join(x2)

print(y1)  # A-B-C
print(y2)  # B-C-A

join() can take not only a list but a tuple or set. But the string concatenated from a set has a random "order" because a set doesn't have an order.


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